Tokuron-1/IPADS Development Studies(2016)

Objectives of the class

The educational mission of the Department of Global Agricultural Sciences is to develop human resources with an ability to link academics, policymakers and industrial practitioners. In this class, all students will learn the basics of agriculture systematically in the lecture and discussion.

Schedule of the lecture

Friday-4(14:55-16:40), Friday-5(16:50-18:35)
  1. April 8-4 Introduction-The legacy and new agricultural sciences(Kurokura)-- Meterial, Homework
  2. April 8-5 Agricultural meteorology(Kobayashi)-- Meterial, Homework
  3. April 15-4 Plant nutrition (Nakanishi)-- Meterial, Homework
    The lecture of Prof. Okada shifts to June 3.
  4. April 22-4 Ecology(Miyazawa)-- Meterial, Homework
  5. April 22-5 Fishery Science (Yagi)-- Meterial, Homework
  6. May 6-4 Veterinary animal Science(Sugiura)-- Meterial, Homework
  7. May 6-5 Dead Body Science (Endo)-- Meterial, Homework<--Please submit this report by April 29.
  8. May 16-4 Agricultural Engineering(Mizoguchi)<--Move to June 3
  9. May 16-5 Agricultural machinery (Araki)
  10. May 20-4 Agricultural economics (Suzuki)-- Meterial, Homework
  11. May 20-5 Agricultural Informatics (Ninomiya)Meterial, Homework(See p.50 in the material)
  12. May 27-4 Forest Science (Tsuyuki)
  13. May 27-5 Bio-material science (Saito)Meterial, Homework(See p.28 in the material)
  14. June 3-4 Crop science (Okada)Meterial, Homework(See last page in the material)
  15. June 3-5 Agricultural Engineering(Mizoguchi)-- Meterial, Homework-->Answers

Final report
A1-A2 semester


Some handouts will be uploaded 24 hr before the lecture starts.


Report should be submitted by Email.

How to send a report by email:
Re: yourNAME(Lecture#) --masaruMIZOGUCHI(3)Mizoguchi
To: report[at]
Deadline: Wed 23:59 before next lecture

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