Collection of Mizo's works on Fukushima (in English)

Masaru Mizoguchi


  1. (2019.6.24)Made in Fukushima
  2. (2018.12.11)FUKUSHIMA REBORN
  3. (2015.3.3) The Rebirth of Fukushima
  4. (2013.9.19)Frozen soil shuts water flow
  5. (2012.11.20)Filtration of muddy water using sand
    Fresh water comes out when muddy water is poured in the sand. When this operation is repeated, fresh water becomes slow to comes out. Clay particles with radioactive cesium are also trapped in the sand by this principle.


  1. (2013.12.19)Decontaminating Fukushima: Cleaning up Farms(NHK WORLD)
  2. (2013.12.09)Decontamination: Challenge of the Villagers(NHK-WORLD,TOMORROW)
  3. (2012.03.09)Japan tsunami: Battling Fukushima radiation one year on(BBC, UK)


  2. (2013.10.31)How Engineers Use Ground Freezing to Build Bigger, Safer, and Deeper(NOVA next, USA)

Academic meeting:

  1. (2021.11.9) Dealing with the Fallout in Fukushima: 10 Years of Soil Contamination (YouTube)
  2. (2020.11.19)Made in Fukushima- Restoration of Fukushima radioactive farmland -, Japan GSD Lecture Series vol.1, Harvard Graduate School of Design
  3. (2016.1.20)Challenge for Remediation of Agricultural land Contaminated by Radiocesium in Iitate Village, Fukushima, ISARD2016, @KEK, Tsukuba, Japan
  4. (2015.11.16)Radiation Measurement in Paddy Soil Layer That Was Buried Contaminated Topsoil in Fukushima, SSSA International Annual meeting, @Mineapolis, USA
  5. (2014.10.30)Vertical movement of radiocaesium in Madei paddy field in Iitate village, Fukushima, PAWEES 2014 International Conference, @Taiwan
  6. (2014.6.9)Challenge in Remediation of Agricultural soil Contaminated by Radiocaesium in Fukushima, 20th World Congress of Soil Science, Jun. 8-13 @ Jeju, Korea
  7. (2014.6.9)Development of a Device for Measuring the Vertical Distribution of Radioactivity in Soil using Geiger-Mullar Tubes, 20th World Congress of Soil Science, Jun. 8-13 @ Jeju, Korea
  8. (2014.5.1)Environmental Monitoring of Soil Contaminated by Radiocaesium in Iitate Village using FMS developed in GRENE project , JpGU-U1, @Yokohama, Japan
  9. (2013.11.4) Battles of Soil Scientists in Fukushima, Japan, SSSA International Annual meeting, Florida, USA
  10. (2013.10.30)Development of decontamination method farmers can do by themselves in paddy contaminated by radioceasium in Fukushima, invited leture at PAWEES meeting 2013, Korea
  11. (2012.9.5)Environmental Monitoring of Village Contaminated by Radionuclides, AFITA/WCCA 2012 (2-12.9.5), Taipei, Taiwan
  12. (2011.10.27)Challenges in remediation of agricultural soil contaminated by radioactive substances ? Agricultural Engineering for Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction ?, pp.22-31, Proceedings of the PAWEES 2011 International Conference (2011.10.27), National Taiwan University, Taiwan


  1. Remediation of Paddy Soil Contaminated by Radiocesium in Iitate Village in Fukushima Prefecture (2013) Agricultural Implications of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
  2. Reduction of Air Radiation Dose by Ponding Paddy Fields (2016) Agricultural Implications of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
  3. Collaboration Structure for the Resurrection of Iitate Village, Fukushima: A Case Study of a Nonprofitable Organization (2016) Agricultural Implications of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

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