1st International Conference On Global Health in Jakarta, Indonesia

I was on business in Jakarta, Indonesia to give a research talk at the 1st International Conference on Global Health (See the website).  The opening ceremony of the conference was held with an Indonesian ethnic dance, welcoming participants as shown in the featured image. The Indonesian government has started its universal health coverage (UHC) program as of January 1st, 2014, targeting the universal coverage until 2019. However, many difficulties have to be overcome to achieve the goal of the universal health coverage which can be seen in Japan, because Indonesia has a great percentage of farmers and so-called self-employed workers in the informal sector. On the other hand, Indonesia has a traditional medical practice called jamu–thought to be originated from Ayurveda and influenced by Chinese medicines in the early modern period–, an alternative medicine for the people who cannot afford costly healthcare until now. Nonetheless, if modern medical systems and the UHC program are smoothly spread, the role of jamu in Indonesia is expected to change in the medium and long term.  I was happy to get the chance to make a presentation on the issue and exchange useful information …

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NARO Food Research Division’s Lecture Meeting 2016

11/03/2016 The Food Research Division of National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) annually holds a exhibition to release all the research outcomes of 100 researchers in the division publicly and widely by poster presentations. The exhibition was held on November 2 this year as usual (See the link (in Japanese)). One thing which is different from what happens in usual years is I am the moderator of the lecture meeting  co-hosted by the Food Research Division of NARO and Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (JSRAE) (See the link (in Japanese)). The meeting started at 1 pm and during the 2-hour meeting, firstly Prof. Manabu Watanabe gave an opening address as the chairperson of the food business committee in JSRAE, followed by the introduction of the Food Research Division of NARO by the division head, Dr. Hiroshi Nabetani, who is also the professor in collaboration with the Department of Global Agricultural Science in The University of Tokyo that I belong to.  Then three lectures were given by three unit heads: 1) Dr. Masayasu Nagata on the method of quality evaluation for fresh produce; 2) Dr. Kazutaka Yamamoto on …

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Araki Lab Website has been completely renewed.

10/27/2016 Today, the person in charge of renewing the Araki lab website visited Araki Lab and has just completed it!!  Actually, this renewal plan of the website was launched on last December  among the president as well as the person in charge of Mishoumu system development and me (especially while  we were drinking) . But I had spent little time for maintenance of the old website until now, so it took almost one year to complete the renewal. The WordPress was newly installed, and I was getting familiar with how to used it. We would like to proactively upload our latest lab news and research-relevant articles so that the Araki lab website can be browsed by the people as many as possible. We will welcome your visit to our website.

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From field work to international cooperation

Tetsuya Araki and Makoto Inoue, editors, Showado, 2009, Japanese Only Editors: ♦Tetsuya Araki Associate Professor, International Agro Informatics Laboratory, Department of Global Agricultural Sciences/Faculty of Agriculture, the University of Tokyo. ♦Makoto Inoue Professor, Global Forest Environmental Studies, Department of Global Agricultural Sciences, the University of Tokyo. フィールドワークからの国際協力 著者 荒木 徹也 編 井上 真 編 フィールドワークに憧れて現場に飛び込んだものの、実体験と理論のギャップに立ちすくむ。そんな状況を打ち破るため次の一歩として本書では「国際協力」という可能性を提示する。先駆者たちによるフィールドワーク論。 ジャンル 社会 出版年月日 2009/05/01 出版社: 昭和堂 ISBN 9784812209172 判型・ページ数 A5・290ページ ⇒Showado-kyoto.jp ⇒Amazon.co.jp

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