Schedule of the lecture, Tokuron-1(2015)

Friday-4(14:55-16:40), Friday-5(16:50-18:35) Japanese
  1. April 10-4 Introduction(Kurokura) History of the Earth and agriculture (1-1, 1-2, 1-3)
  2. April 10-5 Terrestrial environment I(Okada)(2-1, 2-2)<--Please put your report again using ITC-LMS.
  3. April 17-4 Terrestrial Environment II(Mizoguchi) (3-1)<--Please put your report again using ITC-LMS.
  4. April 17-5 Growth of plants (Kobayashi)(4-1, 4-2, 4-3)<--Please put your report again using ITC-LMS.
  5. April 24-4 Soil biodiversity (Miyazawa)<--Now ITC-LMS is open! Please acees to new page using your university email account!
  6. April 24-5 Agricultural technologies (Okada)
  7. May 1-4 Cultivated crops I(Yamakawa)
  8. May 1-5 Cultivated crops II(Yamakawa)
  9. May 8-4 Agricultural production and Infrastructure(Mizoguchi)
  10. May 8-5 Postharvest Technology (Araki)
  11. May 22-4 Utilization of plant material (Saito)
  12. May 22-5 Agro-economy and trade (Takahashi)
  13. May 29-4 Farm management (Kiminami)
  14. May 29-5 Agro-economy and policy (Takahashi)
- Handouts are uploaded 24 hr before the lecture starts.
- Report should be submitted by Email from new web page.

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Re: yourNAME(Lecture#) --masaruMIZOGUCHI(3)Mizoguchi
To: report[at]

Deadline: Wed 23:59 before next lecture

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