Jackie (Ph.D. course)

Research:Quality of Frozen Storage of Durian (Durio zibethinus Murray) Pulp Durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.) is a native and highly priced fruit in Southeast Asia due to its seasonality, unique smell, taste and texture. Because of its seasonality, freezing is one of the means to preserve the excess supply and provide durian during off-seasons. Moreover, it contributes to the reduction of the bulk nature of the fruit and concealing its unique but strong and aroma during shipping and distribution. Freezing is well known for keeping the quality of foods at a longer period, however, there are still quality concerns associated with it depending on the type and characteristics of the commodity. In frozen storage of fruits, studies have been reported for the quality changes related to the chemical and physicochemical properties, texture, color, and volatile profiles. In durian, limited information is provided for the quality changes in the frozen and thawed durian hence, this study is carried out as my Ph. D study. Publication: Tagubase, J.L.J., Ueno, S., Yoshie, Y., and Araki, T. 2016. Effect of Freezing and Thawing on the Quality of Durian (Durio zibethinus Murray) Pulp. Transactions of the …

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From field work to international cooperation

Tetsuya Araki and Makoto Inoue, editors, Showado, 2009, Japanese Only Editors: ♦Tetsuya Araki Associate Professor, International Agro Informatics Laboratory, Department of Global Agricultural Sciences/Faculty of Agriculture, the University of Tokyo. ♦Makoto Inoue Professor, Global Forest Environmental Studies, Department of Global Agricultural Sciences, the University of Tokyo. フィールドワークからの国際協力 著者 荒木 徹也 編 井上 真 編 フィールドワークに憧れて現場に飛び込んだものの、実体験と理論のギャップに立ちすくむ。そんな状況を打ち破るため次の一歩として本書では「国際協力」という可能性を提示する。先駆者たちによるフィールドワーク論。 ジャンル 社会 出版年月日 2009/05/01 出版社: 昭和堂 ISBN 9784812209172 判型・ページ数 A5・290ページ ⇒Showado-kyoto.jp ⇒Amazon.co.jp

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Shunsuke Sasaki (Ph.D. course)

Research: Recycling by Scavengers Scavengers are people who earn their living by gathering recyclable materials from waste. These activities are considered informal, and typical examples are people who gather valuable resources on the street or in the final waste disposal site. We are researching on scavengers who live near a final waste disposal site in Indonesia. The current research theme is “Recycling by scavengers”, but we would like to perform more research on different aspects of the scavengers such as their lifestyle.

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