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Research: Pre-dehydration before freezing foods and the assessment of foods’ taste after rehydration

As the pace of our lives become faster and faster, various kinds of instant foods like frozen foods are becoming more and more popular. Besides, great importance is also attached to nutrition and taste. However, once you freeze the food, it is difficult to get the same taste as before. I want to study whether it’s possible to improve the process of production of frozen rice by adding a drying process before freezing. What’s more, it’s necessary to find out how will the conditions of drying and low temperature affect the micro structures of rice and the physical data’ change, such as hardness, elasticity and so on. After getting the rules though lots of experiments, finally we may be able to work out the mathematical models and predict the conditions of producing and rehydration to get the best taste of frozen rice. This research is aimed at improving of taste of instant rice in food production.

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